Various Factors That Must Be Considered When Installing Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a boon to every home in which it has been installed and it offers the structure of the building all the protection and safety from blocked pipes and drains. However, not all are aware of the various factors that must be considered when installing the safety guards for the free flow of water down the pipes and into the ground.

Today there are many companies that help to install the gutter guard like the Gutter Cleaning companies in Northern New South Wales. Most of these companies have the manpower who is highly skilled in the installing the drain guards, but it would be sensible to understand the device and its process of installation. At times the device is also known as the leaf guard as it prevents the leaves from entering the pipes.

The leaf guard is made up of a number of parts or components that include:
Size of the Gutter Guard: Size is important if the house is either too large or too small. Typically, the standard size of a gutter guard is 5 inches. However, when choosing the gutter guard, the major factor to consider its size is the climatic condition more than the size of the house.

Downspouts: The downspouts are significant for the prevention of the clogging of gutters and pipes, as this is what helps the water to be diverted away from the house structure. The normal distance is usually 10 feet away from the house into which the water flows off. To keep the distance, extensions are also built.

The Seam of the Gutters: The most popular choice for gutters is the seamless ones as the seamed ones are more likely to disintegrate due to wear and tear, causing leaks. The gutters that are seamless does not have this risk and hence most homes prefer seamless gutters. Moreover, cleaning is easier as there is no build-up of debris.

Apart from these major factors, the Gutter Guard installers in Northern New South Wales consider other minor factors, which makes the functioning of the drain guards more perfect and completely hassle-free. Some of these include the pitch of the gutter pipes, which should be installed steep.


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