How Moss Growth Can Harm Your Roofs Life?

The roof is made from wood, metal, clay or concrete tiles and if water saturation is not cleaned regularly it can have moss and algae accumulate on their roofs. In the areas of heavy rainfall, there are high levels of humidity causing to more moss and algae growth as they need water to grow and multiply.

Keeping your home’s gutter and downspouts clean and functioning properly by installing Leaf Guard is the best and easiest way to save money and time. If roof maintenance and moisture is avoided then it can result in costly repairs to both structural and architectural. So, to prevent heavy loss to your pocket, it is necessary that the roof were maintained properly and kept clear of moss.

Moss is of great concern as it can reduce the lifespan of the roof, wood and house walls. The thick moss growth on the roof system for a long time of time leads to the moisture growth on the roof. It can cause the wood to rot.

Excess moisture due to the water saturation leads to moss growth naturally on just about any surface, including the ground, trees and sidewalks, and the roofs. It produces tiny spores that and land on roofs and other prospective plants and trees. During the moist, cooler months, these spores grow into moss. Many companies in Gold Coast gives many services like Roof Cleaning Services to increase the life of your roofs.

In the wet weather,moss readily grows on the roof or in the free space of the gutter system and roof. Morning dew and rainfall tend to evaporate slower on these surfaces because of the minimal amount of direct sunlight these roof surfaces receive. Moss growth is usually seen in the roof areas shaded by trees and other places that are not exposed to enough sun to dry out.

Large trees that produce lots of shade on a roof can also cause the growth of moss and algae in wet climate on the roof. Install gutter guard on the gutter system to cover the gutters and prevent water to get accumulated on the roofs. Clogged gutters due to the needles, seeds, debris, and leaves prevent water from flowing from the roof to the ground.

If you are having trouble with growth on your roof simply talk to a roofing consultant to find out the best solutions to prevent moss and algae from growing on your roof.


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