When is the Right Time to Clean Gutters?

Gutters help to guide rainwater off your roof and straight down the drain. Cleaning gutters are important is a maintenance which can prevent costly damage in the future. Gutter blockages are caused by grass or plants that grow in the free space that is weathered off your roof. In the rainy season, due to heavy rainfall water gets saturated on the roof. If the gutters are not free-flowing then debris and leaves restrict water to flow. Gutters require regular maintenance in order to function properly and keep your roof and home safe.

The location of your property can influence how often your gutters need to be cleaned and what is the right time to clean. The number of trees situated near your property increases the frequency that you need to check your gutters. If you stay in hill station or mountains where there are wind and snowfall, then cleaning your gutters out at the end of every season is important. If you are staying in an area full of trees, then gutter guard installation will be the best solution for your home.

Install Aluminum Gutter Guard which keeps solid debris out of your gutters. You can inspect your gutters to make sure that no leaves and debris is saturated on the roof. The gutters on your home should be cleaned in the rainy season and heavy snowfall. The gutters must function at full capacity during the heavy rains and snow. If there is even a small amount of debris and leaves collected in your gutter, it has the ability to clog up the mouth of the downspout. It can create overflowing water which gets behind the gutters that can harm your walls and ceilings.

Recommended Cleaning Schedule:

  • Careful cleaning and flush with water in November including clearing off any loose debris including needles and leaves off your roof.
  • Another light cleaning and just checking roof and gutter drains sometime late December before the Holidays or even in early January if you forget.
  • Have your gutters checks in April sometime – what is it again – April showers bring May flowers?
  • A light check up of roof and gutter drains in August to make sure everything is ready for the rains that come every winter.

When a gutter is not taken proper care, then it will also create water accumulation closer to the home which can lead to foundation leaks and roof problems. So, install Gutter Cleaning in Northern New South Wales can help to keep the building and area safe from water damage and erosion.


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