The Qualities You Should Consider In Roof Cleaning Contractor

1. First be sure to find a roof cleaning company that uses non-pressure methods for roof stain removal. In most situations, a roof should not require high-pressure washing or a power washer of any kind. The rare exception could be very old roofs that have a thick mat of green moss. In the vast majority of cases, all that is required is the non-pressure application of a bleach or chlorine-based solution, followed by a gentle non-pressure rinse. This is the recommended method for roof cleaning and is simply the safest and most effective method for removing unsightly black algae stains.

2. Make sure that your roof cleaning Gold Coast contractor has liability insurance. Of course, you should double check a contractor’s liability coverage no matter what his or her service is, but as you can imagine it is very important for roof cleaning. This is an especially important step if you decide to foolishly hire a roof cleaning service that wants to pressure wash your roof!

3. Find a Gutter Cleaning Gold Coast professional who knows that your whole roof should be cleaned, even though you might only see black stains in certain areas. You should be aware that the presence of visible stains anywhere on your roof is actually an indicator that the algae is already widespread across your shingles, and will only require a little more time to thicken to the point of visibility in other areas. Make the mistake of just doing a spot-clean and you should be prepared to see black stains all around those areas in a short amount of time.

4. Ideally you’ll hire a roof cleaning company that works in teams of two, so that one man can work at the roof level while the other can stay on the ground to rinse the perimeter and to act as a safety measure just in case the roof man should fall or require assistance.

5. When entrusting the cleaning of your expensive roof to a contractor, you’ll want to make sure that they are qualified and take their business seriously.

Those are just a few pointers for hiring the right person to clean your roof. If done correctly and professionally, stain removal can be achieved without any roof damage whatsoever, and should provide you with years of a clean, beautiful-looking roof.


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